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Join the Personalization Generation

Today's technology has allowed consumers a much more active role in everything from designing their sneakers to programming their own radio station. With the sheer mass of personalization taking place today it's not hard to conclude that we are entering an Age of Personalization. Powered by sophisticated technologies and manufacturing efficiencies, we are seeing the Mass Market give way to the Market of One, a world where consumers are in control of the advertising they view, the distribution channel, and, in a growing number of cases, the product design and/or functionality. Everywhere we see evidence of the growing consumer appetite for personalization. At Big Tent Entertainment we have heard the call and embraced entertainment as an area of explosive future growth as consumers demand more personalized entertainment experiences and products. Through our cutting-edge PixFusion software suite we now enable consumers to become part of their favorite comic strip, to insert themselves into their favorite game, or to be a guest on a weekly TV show right from home. It's all possible, and it's here now.

Brand Discovery and Strategy

In our experience, every truly successful brand, at its very heart, has a compelling story that resonates strongly with certain people. Giving each brand a voice is a big part of what we do best. We employ a proven process for discovering the unique "story" that brings a brand to life. Each brand has one, and our job is to make sure that story is uncovered and then effectively communicated to the brand's community. If the story is authentic (i.e. True to the Brand) we then have the foundation piece from which we can build the entire brand strategy.

Relationship Management

Another part of our focus on personalization is relationship based. A very big part of each day revolves around dealing with people - our clients, our colleagues, our partners, and our customers. And while we certainly make full use of the latest technology, we never allow it to become a barrier between ourselves and the people with whom we work. We're not sure who first said it, but we subscribe to the axiom that very little happens from behind a desk. For this reason, you're as likely to find one of us on the Bund in Shanghai or the Croisette in Cannes as in our New York office.